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Wednesday Poem of the Week – My only advice for your trip – Wipes by T.W. Snicket

Comments Off 22 November 2018

Enclosed my friend are the Cleansing wipes that have given me that simple moment of relief and Possibly saved my life   Please Note: These wipes are not as biodegradable as I wish And by no means Can be flushed…

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Put my dog down and Fired

Comments Off 15 November 2018

Put my dog down and Fired By T.W. Snicket   How do I even keep walking? What Oh shit Was I in an accident?   — Sir can you hear me   Ya   —Sir   Yes I hear you…

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Shades of Gray

Tuck of the Week!

0 Comments 08 September 2018

This week’s submission comes from a promising young prospect from our “Junior Writers With Promise” program: Felicity from Rhode Island. Great job by you Felicity! Tweet This Post

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Poetry, The Written Word

It has to go

Comments Off 01 September 2018

How old are the Pens and Pencils we use and the ones we toss What can we ask friends who do not understand the questions we wonder about The middle of my couch is now uncomfortably caved in It is …

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National Obituary Review

DPD Emeritus: Aretha

Comments Off 16 August 2018

Choked up and a bit stunned here at the HQ. I’m about an hour and half into a Spotify binge and it took all my strength to sit up and get this down. The Queen of Soul. Gone. I knew …

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Poetry, The Written Word

The Show Tonight by T.W. Snicket

Comments Off 15 August 2018

  If you Messes Weren’t here And the Band Didn’t show up I would be home Wishing both Of those Things had happened Tweet This Post

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We hiked over my limit I think

Comments Off 11 November 2017

Reading is Fun Laughing is Fun Smiling is Fun Silence is Fun Awkwardness can be Fun We all want life to Be a simple Handshake with the world Saying I am here I have time I am ready Are you …

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National Obituary Review

DPD Emeritus – Gregg Allman

Comments Off 29 May 2017

Enthusiasts, The love light is turned down way low tonight. We lost a good one. For yours truly Gregg Allman brought a lot of things in focus. At a weird point in my life, going to music festivals, I’d see …

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A New Dear Norman! Religion & Sneezing

Comments Off 11 April 2017

dear Norm,  i was shopping at the grocer when a man picking out pickles (kosher dill) turned to me and sneezed in my cart. 1 other man in the aisle turned and said “bless you” whilst a 2nd man said …

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Pages of Prose, The Written Word

The Day I Became a Coventry City Supporter

Comments Off 08 April 2017

In our Coventry homes, We speak with an accent exceedingly rare, You want a cathedral we’ve got one to spare, In our Coventry homes… Culture: The sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from …

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