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Taking a seat at the adult table

0 Comments 02 November 2016

I took a seat at a highway 58 eastbound rest area to ponder the meaning of life. I wasnt sure if i had what it takes for this particular  struggle until I saw the writing on the wall:  ‘David was …

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The Do’s & Don’ts for Labor Day Weekend

0 Comments 30 August 2016

Enthusiasts, If you’re like me you can’t put this summer in the rearview mirror quick enough. Am I right? Sweet Moses Malone was it a hot one! But fear not, sitting right in front of us is the perennial Gateway …

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Shades of Gray

Sexy Memoirs Chapter 12: Teamwork

0 Comments 18 August 2016

She showed up with her friend and of course the pessimistic in me starts to multiply the bar tab by 2.  It wasn’t until the 3rd round of shots interweaving with the dreadful amount of dubstep that I realized why …

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Shades of Gray

Reins is BACK!

0 Comments 21 June 2016

Well folks, It’s’ nice to hear that TW’s activity induced jaundice was kept shelved with the acquisition of ‘Handshakes’.  I know she was a much welcomed addition to the aging, struggling (with movement) and frequently irritable core in The Shade …

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Your 2016 Gaspee 5k Round-up

0 Comments 12 June 2016

Enthusiasts, The 2016 Gaspee Days 5k was one for the books. I know yours truly will not soon forget it! Yes, it’s true, the entire staff is still mourning the (temporary) loss of Reins while he follows his dream traversing …

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Hey July 4th, It’s me Memorial Day – A Quick Word?

0 Comments 25 May 2016

How’s it going? It’s me – Memorial Day. Remember me? Just kidding – haha. I get it. You’re ‘the best’. Your celebration is a living memorial of our independence. Softball games abound. The Marinas are chock full of fun-loving folks …

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DPD Emeritus: Prince – A Remembrance

0 Comments 21 April 2016

Needless to say, sad day here at The Shade HQ. On the heels of Bowie and Toussaint I found myself asking ‘When is enough, enough?’. I paced around the house for hours chasing shadows. Not even Mingus could help me …

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America At It’s Best

0 Comments 08 April 2016

I left a meeting, got in my car and tried to start the bastard. Lo & behold the goddam thing wouldn’t turn over. At first the radio worked, which was perplexing. What could it be? The first thought – the …

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Top 10 Things To Do In February to Buck Up

0 Comments 11 February 2016

February stinks. Football is over, Valentine’s day is depressing and/or expensive plus it’s got a smug, silent letter. It’s the only month where the number of days are mucked around with on a seemingly random basis. Speaking of – no …

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Community Voices: Riding the Bus

0 Comments 27 January 2016

To the guy who is merrily whistling on the bus, Stop. Sincerely, Everyone else on the bus Tweet This Post

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