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Diamond Pet Foods

Is your cat getting enough vitamin B1?  Not if he’s been eating Diamond Pet Foods.  They’ve had a massive recall affecting 25 normally very cat friendly states.  This vitamin deficiency can have serious negative effects on your cat’s health.  Some symptoms to watch out for include:  loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, salivation, biting stuff,  scratching things, weird faces and foul language.

The Shade has found one woman that will not take this lying down.  Peggy Lou Stevens out of Lancaster, PA has started the “Ample B1 For Cats” campaign in hopes that awareness to the issue will force cat food manufacturers to produce foods that give cats the essential vitamins they need.

PLS – Neptune is on the older side so he can be irritable at times but lately its been F- this and F- that.  The other day he looked right at me and said ‘this is what I think of this shit’ and took a crap right in his food dish.
Shade – It seems like many cat owners are going through similar problems that you are facing with Neptune, do you have any advice?
PLS – Don’t give up.  It’s not just about the physical and emotional stress our cats face but it has also put some people in a financial pinch because there are no refunds.  I have an 18 lb bag of Premium Edge Senior Cat Hairball Management Formula that I’m lucky I’ll be able to use but others won’t be so lucky.  We just have to work together.
Shade – How are you able to get rid of your useless cat food?
PLS – Lucky for me I watch some neighborhood youngsters while their parents are working.  They usually get hungry during the day; I tell them its cereal and let them sprinkle a little sugar on top.  They really seem to like it.
Shade – Plus kids don’t require the same levels of B1 that cats do.  Have you found any other uses that we can inform people of before we head out.
PLS – Yes.  I’m building a retaining wall and if you add a little bit of water and mix it up the mashed food will actually act as mortar.
Shade- Cereal and mortar, that’s great Peggy.  I’m glad we did this, now cat enthusiasts in 50% of the country are more knowledgeable.

In closing The Shade would like to take its very own dump right on you Diamond Pet Foods, you’ve made the Shit List.

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