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Dead Person of the Day September 7th – Warren Zevon

No Comments 07 September 2011

Today’s DPD comes from the Independent over in the UK and is a personal favorite of yours truly. He seems like a very righteous dude and I’d give my entire jar full of scabs to have a Fear and Loathing adventure with Warren and the good Dr. Gonzo

Warren William Zevon, singer and songwriter: born Chicago 24 January 1947; twice married (one son, one daughter); died Los Angeles 7 September 2003.

Warren Zevon was one of the many singer-songwriters to emerge from the hedonistic environment of Los Angeles in the mid-1970s, with quirky songs which stemmed from his own experiences. He later said, “I wrote my songs despite the fact that I was a drunk, not because of it”, but his songs would have been very different without the wayward life style fuelling his imagination.

His best-known hit was “Werewolves of London” in 1978, but Zevon’s was a cult following and he never made it to the top of the tree. This can partly be attributed to his personal problems, but also to the fact that his raspy voice could give his often diverse tracks a similar sound. “I wish I could sing better,” he would muse. “If only I could sing like Don Henley.” read the rest here

Just because the NOR is such a big fan check out Warren’s first appearance on David Letterman…..classic. Check it out

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