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I never Ryhme but by T.W. Snicket

Comments Off on I never Ryhme but by T.W. Snicket 29 December 2018

T.W. Snicket Not Rhyme
What am I doing

Am I getting life wrong

Living like I am

Magic seems to only happen in songs

Seeing faces of confusion

Wondering what happened to me

Weirdly forced to figure out
who and what I am supposed to be

But really who are you
and where should you be

I need to create
of today
of life

I see some
who can completely contradict
who have the ability
to forget why
they loved us
or themselves

I have never been just me

There has just been too much

The 30’s have been strange
At this point
I am not going to
Not miss opportunities

Weather dictates tomorrow

I know how to have fun
How to live in the moment

Finding smiles all around me

laughter and stories
The sharp eyed focus during the day

How in the hell can I just keep it
this way forever


Wednesday Poem of the Week: Traveling Through the Dark by William Stafford

No Comments 22 August 2012

Traveling Through the Dark by William Stafford

Traveling through the dark I found a deer
dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.
It is usually best to roll them into the canyon:
that road is narrow; to swerve might make more dead.

By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car
and stood by the heap, a doe, a recent killing;
she had stiffened already, almost cold.
I dragged her off; she was large in the belly.

My fingers touching her side brought me the reason–
her side was warm; her fawn lay there waiting,
alive, still, never to be born.
Beside that mountain road I hesitated.

The car aimed ahead its lowered parking lights;
under the hood purred the steady engine.
I stood in the glare of the warm exhaust turning red;
around our group I could hear the wilderness listen.

I thought hard for us all–my only swerving–,
then pushed her over the edge into the river.


Wednesday Poem of the Week – PULL MY DAISY by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady

No Comments 20 June 2012

Note before reading Pull My Daisy: It was written in the late 1940s in a similar way to the Surrealistexquisite corpse” game, with one person writing the first line, the other writing the second, and so on sequentially with each person only being shown the line before.

PULL MY DAISY by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady

Pull my daisy
tip my cup
all my doors are open
Cut my thoughts
for coconuts
all my eggs are broken
Jack my Arden
gate my shades
woe my road is spoken
Silk my garden
rose my days
now my prayers awaken

Bone my shadow
dove my dream
start my halo bleeding
Milk my mind &
make me cream
drink me when you’re ready
Hop my heart on
harp my height
seraphs hold me steady
Hip my angel
hype my light
lay it on the needy

Heal the raindrop
sow the eye
bust my dust again
Woe the worm
work the wise
dig my spade the same
Stop the hoax
what’s the hex
where’s the wake
how’s the hicks
take my golden beam

Rob my locker
lick my rocks
leap my cock in school
Rack my lacks
lark my looks
jump right up my hole
Whore my door
beat my boor
eat my snake of fool
Craze my hair
bare my poor
asshole shorn of wool

say my oops
ope my shell
Bite my naked nut
Roll my bones
ring my bell
call my worm to sup
Pope my parts
pop my pot
raise my daisy up
Poke my papa
pit my plum
let my gap be shut

Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady



Password Retention by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 21 January 2012

Password Retention by T.W. Snicket

Living with girls you start to understand (in general) their humor, flaws, sensitivities, and worries.
This, in turn,  allows for a certain sense of freedom to look at or through.
Very liberating

I never went to summer camp but I bet I would have won an award.
Most likely any of the games revolved around ropes, wheels, or science experiments.
1st prize!
People would clap

If your really excited about something that deserves a clap
You should spit on your hands first.
Make sure somebody sees you.
Then wink.

Graduating from College is the most pathetic thing
And Fuck You if you say otherwise.
I hear “well you never would have met so and so if you never went”
I bet I would have.
(in general) Some of the smartest people I ever met didn’t graduate from that money hole.
Take that to the bank and have it bounce.

I pride myself on password retention.
Is there an award for that?
Who would judge that?
I need to win an event that makes the local news only.

Do you know when the next event you could enter and possibly win is?
Find it
And Enter.
1st Prize


Wednesday Poem of the Week – So Lets Go Fishing by T. W. Snicket

1 Comment 16 November 2011

So Lets Go Fishing

It is truer today than it has ever been at anytime in my life.
That a Stranger is just a friend who I haven’t met yet
A Brother is a sibling or of course a Black male


My only goal in this current life is to keep moving on and leave you all with a smile
So if I come off as a prick at first.
It’s just my way of saying
Hello it is very nice to meet you.
Maybe some day we can go fishing.


Wednesday Poem of the Week – Scenario 2 by T.W. Snicket

No Comments 19 October 2011

Scenario 2

Behind the curtain
On the other side of the window
She is watching you

I wouldn’t get too concerned yet
But you should start to think about pulling the curtain back

Questions to consider before

What is she looking for?
When did this start?
Why you and not your neighbor?
How long do I have to stay in the dark?

Answers to the Questions:

You have something of hers
Two weeks ago
You’re more interesting
Twelve more days

Have one more on the rocks
She may find another window.

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