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Music Tuesdays (The Shade has a Crush)

No Comments 26 February 2014

You heard it here first. The Shade has it’s first official crush. And it’s for (inspired by?) Japan’s nu Metal/Punk/Pop band Maximum Hormone.

Face-melting and mind bending.


Music Tuesdays – Let Joe Strummer Make the playlist

No Comments 05 February 2014

This is an excellent series from the BBC that you can access here. I highly recommend checking it out.


Music Tuesday – Charles Mingus Quintet

No Comments 25 November 2013

Good music, Great sweaters, coolness distilled to black & white.


Music Tuesdays – Meatloaf on Old Grey Whistle Test

No Comments 17 September 2013


Good news for you – Music Tuesdays will be showcasing the oodles and oodles of talent that graced the stage of The Old Grey Whistle Test for the next several weeks. Today we’re kicking off with Meatloaf’s signature performance. This was Meat’s first exposure to the UK and spawned an epidemic of french kissing and booty shaking in the weeks after this show.

There’s a lot going on here so you may have to watch it twice. Note the haircuts, kissing techniques, pants and unfiltered rawness of young Meat’s voice.



Music Tuesdays – Festival Express (and enough of Arcade Fire already)

No Comments 10 September 2013


It’s Tuesday so we’re focusing on Music around the office. Normally this is my favorite day of the week because I like to wiggle and listen to music while I stare out the window. But T.W. is annoying the crap out of me today. He’s more annoying than a hangnail. More annoying than the elusive last Cheerio in your cereal bowl! You know?!

And it all comes down to Arcade Fire. Yes, that same band that won the Grammy in 2011 for album of the year. What gives Arcade? No one heard of you at the time you won and ┬áno one’s heard from you since. Go back under your rock and work on your hip comb over. IF winning another Grammy next year will make you go away for another 2….I could live with that arrangement. The Grammy’s validity died in the toilet with Elvis.

T.W.’s walking around with tight black jeans, talking about equal exchange coffee and predicting what ‘mainstream’ people will be into in 3 months. He reminds me of a piece of yarn that’s holding a turd to a trash can.

Indie rock is dead and good riddance. To help you get your head clear from all that mumbo jumbo today’s Music Highlight focuses on Buddy Guy. If you’d like to watch the whole Festival Express film (which I recommend) you can view it here.

Stay strong guys….the hipsters will be out of our hair soon so we can press on.



Shades of Gray

Music Tuesdays – Shonen Knife

No Comments 20 August 2013

Shades of Gray, Music

Music Tuesdays – The Mighty Imperials

No Comments 06 August 2013


The Mighty Imperials were introduced to me by Reins while we were thumbing to a Country Store in the backwoods of Maine earlier this summer. Our supply of juicy fruit was at an all time low, the black flies were vicious and morale was on the floor. I’ll be honest, I had a case of the weary dismals that hasn’t been known since the Dust Bowl.

We packed up camp and split the last warm budweiser we found at the bottom of Reins pack before we hit the road. If we were going to make to the Ish Canoe we needed more gum, jerky and some alcohol. I was all but beat sitting on the side of road. I must have been a sight for sore eyes. Dirty, one shoe lost to the mud pit and not a smile in sight.

At that very moment Reins finagled a bit more juice from the tivi and plugged in his ipod. He had 3 minutes of juice left, maybe 4. Deducing precisely what I needed at that very moment he ripped the opening track to Thunder Chicken, The Mighty Imperials first (and only) LP release.

Before long I was doing the 3 foot sidewinder in the streets and was back on my feet. Reins did it again. We mustered up the gusto to get to that Country Store. We got our provisions and rocked that Ish Canoe, hard.

I’ll never forget what The Mighty Imperials did for me that morning. Maybe you’ll like them too?

Read more about the Imperials here, and listen to some stuff here and here.

Donations and/or advice for next years Ish Canoe can be sent to getintotheshade@gmail.com


Shades of Gray

Music Tuesdays – Buddy Guy

No Comments 30 July 2013

Being Buddy’s special day it only felt right to pay tribute to him on Music Tuesday. It’s well known that without Buddy there would have been no Stevie Ray Vaughn, chicken fried steak or ass-grabbing. We’ll be showcasing Buddy’s immense talent all day at the office here and we suggest you do the same.

Shades of Gray

Music Tuesday – You Be The Judge

No Comments 24 July 2013

I think we can all agree Reason to Believe is amazing song to eat ice cream to no? Inspirational, poignant, soul searching. Really makes the ice cream go down smooth.

We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to heartwarming renditions of this ditty. But which is best? Of course we know. But we’d like to hear from you, the foot soldiers of The Shade to let us know what blows your skirt up.

Your choices? The Smothers Brother’s own musical protege Mason Williams, original scribe Tim Hardin or the devastatingly handsome Rod ‘The Bod’ Stewart. Let us know which you like the best by emailing getintotheshade@gmail.com. Participants with the right answer will receive their own copy of T.W.’s rousing rendition of John Denver’s Thank God I’m A Country Boy.

Shades of Gray

Music Tuesdays – De La Soul

No Comments 02 July 2013

Its Music Tuesdays….have a Capri Sun and relax for 5 minutes eh?

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