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We Shared A Piece Of Porcelain

No Comments 30 August 2011


Maybe you sat here too?

You have great hair and
wear your cloths in a way thats
pleasing to me. I bumped into

you in that tragic intersection
that dominates the entrance
to both the men’s and the women’s bathroom

There are many small battles won
and lost there throughout the day
but there’s one old crow perched
on his ledge laughing every time:


I bet you stopped to check that every
hair was obeying your requests on that fine
head of yours because I reached the toilet first

As I sat there and squeezed while simultaneously
putting my life in all its own neat buckets I felt a little
thump from beyond the wall and my seat raise up a little

it was not unlike the mechanics of a seesaw.

At that point it occurred to me our
pipes were connected. Like the guts
of some porcelain encrusted Siamese twin that had plumbing

I thought about your shapely, soft thighs
kissing the toilet bowl as you
sat to do your business. I wondered

What do you think about in your
moments of solitude? The weekend perhaps,
maybe work. Sometimes I realize my toenails need trimming

I felt you jostling around and, I too,
have felt the discomfort of an unforgiving
toilet seat. Yet another thing we shared.

No words needed to be exchanged after.
We shared what some married couples
of 50 years have never experienced

The most visceral and natural of human
activity. This will come in handy
later I’m sure.

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