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The Shade’s Top 10 Post Halloween Candy Trades

No Comments 02 November 2012


Our young readers really gave it to us this week. Take this email for Jim H. in Penobscot, ME

Dear Sirs,

Why does your website stink for kids so much? Me and my friends check it out after school almost every other day and all we see are dead people stuff. Get more stuff up there that we can talk about at recess. We love Norman though!


This was just one of many. Well, we hear you Jim and the rest of you little ankle biters. So we sent out a communique to our young readers asking for help. We wanted them to send us their best swindle story drawn from their post Halloween candy trading.  Man, these kids are vicious. But, here you go…

The Shade’s Top 10 Best Halloween Candy Trades

10. A large peppermint patty and 3 kit kats for a stale  three musketeers left over from last Halloween – Nessie, The Dalles OR

9. A candy apple for half eaten box of nerds – Bernard, Osh Kosh

8. I didn’t have to trade nothin, I stole my sisters. Ha! – Charles, Warwick RI

7. 3 pixie sticks for a mini 100 grand – Joel, Sausalito CA

6. 1 Bozo the Clown pez dispenser for snack pack of keebler elf cookies – Janey, FL

5. A king size reeses peanut butter cup package for my sponge bob action figure and gerbil. Woohoo! – William, Chicago IL

4. Economy size bag of pixie sticks for a snack size box of milk duds – Bernice, Las Vegas NV

3. 4 sour apple airheads for bag of circus peanuts – Paul, Columbus OH

2. A snack size whatchamacallit for a bag of candy corn – Thor, The Netherlands

1. 3 warheads, a roll of sprees, a box of lemonheads, a full size snickers and half eaten hershey with almonds for letting my brother out of a headlock – Vince, NJ

Top Ten

Top 10 Things To Step In

No Comments 25 May 2012

Beautiful People,

Do you ever step in stuff? I do! Almost every day. Except for those days where I just can’t muster the gumption to throw the covers off and attack the day. You know, the ‘bad’ days.

Anyways, because we all do so much stepping in stuff we at The Shade figured we’d give you an idea of good things to do your stepping in. Don’t thank us, this is why we get paid the big bucks.

Without further ado here’s The Top 10 Things to Step In:

10. The Void – for those aforementioned ‘bad’ days

9. A jump shot – this is a must if you want proper rotation

8. A pub – because a cool buzz makes things not so bad

7. A ball park – distinctly American, and anyone that’s walked through the tunnel at Fenway Park knows what I mean

6. A Slim Jim – get it?

5. A barrel of grapes – its just so gooey!

4. Jacuzzi – sexy time!

3. Slippers – obviously

2. Air conditioned room on a hot day – your glands thank you every time

1. A crisp pair of slacks – no explanation necessary

Top Ten

Top Ten Places to Take A girl on a date in 1996

No Comments 18 November 2011

10. Mini Golf at Fiddlesticks Carts and Games

9. She has you over to watch Friends (her fav is Phoebe, b/c she’s so kooky)

8. Friday night down at Alley Cat Lanes

7. Taking her out with friends to try a Beer in there fort (make sure nudie mags aren’t out)

6. The Varsity Football Game, with potential for Friday night necking afterwards!

5. Public Skating

4. The State Fair (go ahead and go for that big ol’ stuffed animal)

3. Being escorted by Dad to the Hootie and the Blowfish summer tour

2. Jerry Maguire (December 13, 1996)

1. House party at Lindsey Thompson’s b/c her parents are away

Top Ten

Top 10 Reason The Walkman is better than The Ipod

No Comments 14 October 2011

10. REC

9.  Durability

8.  Listening to songs 2x’s as fast

7.  Sharpening problem solving skills when trying to re-arrange near dead batteries to get a few more minutes of juice

6.  Ability to press the eject button as many times as you want (come on you know its fun)

5.  Cover Art/Liner Notes

4.  Mix tapes for your girlfriend

3.  AM/FM Presets Radio

2.  Critical decisions on which cassettes to take with you

1.  Album’s still dominate over singles

Top Ten

Top 10 things we are trying to avoid this week

No Comments 07 October 2011

10. Being downwind of anything

9. Bio-luminescence

8. Traffic

7. The Noid

6. Flash Mobs

5. Being Spooked

4. Facebook

3. Two and Half Men

2. Detroit and/or Indianapolis

1. Japanese Ghosts

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