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Seeing You – Groundhog Day Musical

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Born into this – Charles Bukowski- Listen all the way through you Cunt

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Today We are Caught IN a Trap – Right?

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So If an old Friend you know? Shove it up you nose

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At a Loss. Leaving. By T.W. Snicket

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I wrote this for a friend

To convey my way

To show

Desire and Deficiency

My Heart

Stuck between beats

Waiting to Pump



What it feels like to move

To show affection

To Understand

I was the prodigy

Letting everyone down

Missing the mark as the years


No Milk in my coffee
No Sugar in my tea

I feel like a stone in a crack
that cannot seal

As the road breaks apart with each season

The Audience

We are left with


Unoriginal hair cuts

A Greyhound bus departs soon

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Just Come On Home

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It is as simple as Prine Tells It.

Enjoy Folks out in the Ether.

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DPD Emeritus: John Prine

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Man, just writing the title for today’s DPD made me go cold all over. I suspect just reading it may have done the same for you. 

Heavy hearts & minds here at the HQ today. If this goddam Covid Quarantine weren’t bad enough…now this. The flags at half mast and the love light is turned way down low. 

John Prine impacted me in so many ways it’s tough to even begin. His song-writing left an indelible mark on my life. His lyrics could be hysterical, biting, heartfelt, insightful – you name it. I mean just listen to the song Blue Umbrella. If that song doesn’t move you check your pulse. 

“Feelings are strange especially when they come true”. And what about “When you got hell to pay put the truth on layaway”. Damn that’s good stuff. Just scratching the surface of his brilliance but when I heard the news those two lines in particular jumped to mind. And this one too “I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve”

I first was introduced to John Prine back in 2003 by Robert McShane by way of Chicago. He was my next door neighbor freshman year in college and was a certified berserker lunatic in all the good & bad senses of the word. During the first few weeks of school we were shooting the breeze about music and such as freshmen are wont to do and Prine’s name came up. When it was clear my roommates and I weren’t familiar McShane was incredulous. Then a wry smile crept across his face as he queued up Illegal Smile. He knew what he was about to introduce to us. Shortly thereafter he lit my roommate’s beard of fire and got kicked out of school (for a different reason). I can’t imagine Prine would have wanted a better harbinger. Chi-town baby.

Listening to “Hello in There” feels like you’re reading a novel for christ’s sake. Dense. “Jesus The Missing Years” should be included in any Western Religious Traditions class as far as I’m concerned. How do you write songs like that?

If you’re looking for something to listen to in remembrance please consider an interview Prine did on Studs Terkel’s radio show circa 1975. I’m two listens in and probably have a few more before the week is out. Bookmark it on your computer and come back to it periodically. 

More recently my wife and I enjoyed Prine’s run at the Newport Folk Festival. To this day she thinks “Angels From Montgomery” is the most beautiful song there is. I can’t bring myself to disagree with her. For my money you can’t beat John Prine on the main stage on a sunny day and, if you’re lucky, a cold beer in hand (maybe some sunscreen too). 

I’d like to say I feel pretty good, not bad and that I can’t complain but that wouldn’t be true. I’m bummed. The weary dismals have set in. Until further notice we’ll be running through the catalog and making good use of a healthy stock of materials for Handsome Johnnies. 

Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.

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Silo by T.W. Snicket

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Silo by T.W. Snicket

I was stuck in a silo
but I work better
on a team

Talking through
an issue

Finding results

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Picture this memory by T.W. Snicket

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Pictures are my only

I only remember pictures

There was this birthday
I had when I was 12 – 13
where I Puked and everyone
went home. They all left

I remember that

Everything other memory
is a picture

Stuck in my mind

I know there are studies
about this

They must be right because

All of My Memories

Are Pictures

From My Life

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It must be Tender Times by T.W. Snicket

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Swipe right
Love me tonight
Leave in the morning

Wondering what our
story was

This is your place

I am 37

Do you want me to grab some
breakfast sandwiches

As I walk into the street
to grab breakfast
half of me is saying
don’t go back
eat your sandy
go home and
wonder what her name is

I am fuzzy
and I think I remember
liking her

I am bring ing the
breakfast back
asking her right away
if she knows my name
then when she gets my name right

Inevitable asking me
What’s my name
I say Jen with confidence
She says “What”
My name is not Jen
Is your friend Jen
Ya her name was Jen
You idiot
My name is Regina

You know I was fucking with you
I told you last night
I hate Kennedy Carpet Cleaner

I am a Regina Steamer guy
Burrito Time

I already ate my SECOND
Can I use your bathroom

What a great morning

Trying to be me

Wondering what do you See

The Written Word, Poetry

Fun Detectors by T.W. Snicket

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Fun Police

Fun Detectors seem to be moving

closer and closer
shaping who I can be
I hear the beeps

I want to me
me who the fuck
I want to me

And then something horrible happens in our world
And we have to question

What can we give up
Who can we give into
to Make someone else feel safe

It is a fair question
But their cant be answers

No one is safe.

The moment you enter this world

You. Yes You.

[Before you read this next part
I want you to say these
words aloud
and do not move forward
until you can dance like
no one is watching
You say:
I am an Instrument
I am a Dream]

No surveillance is going to help
Welcome to the danger

Like a fingerprint at
a crime scene
Like a battery
Wondering its place

We Find out that we are all guilty

No More Hiding
No More Hiding
No More Hiding

the Search is over

We all Won the show

And we all lost


Here is your Prize

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