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Shades of Gray

David Bowie & Rosie O’Donnell are best friends

No Comments 11 January 2015

This 1997 appearance of Bowie on the Rosie O’Donnell Show is truly the Jewel of #BowieWeek. I’ve watched it 3 times now and I get more baffled with every viewing. It truly is a testament to Ziggy that he can still manage to amaze us.


Shades of Gray

Bowie on Extras

No Comments 09 January 2015


Gervais. Merchant. Bowie, and…

Barry, from Eastenders.

Checking It Out

Young Americans – 1974 Dick Cavett Show

No Comments 08 January 2015


How about this David Bowie week eh? I know what you’re thinking – “Boy we really want to hang out with you guys and listen to David Bowie”.

Listen, we don’t blame you but T.W. is Colorado now and I just picked up extra shifts at Dairy Queen to cover my credit card bills after the holidays SO us connecting might be tough. BUT, every time you visit The Shade and take part in Bowie Week it’s like you’re sitting on the old, stained beige couch at 294 with ‘the guys”

  • Killer lead alto sax rift
  • A young Luther Vandross front an INCREDIBLE group of background singers
  • Enigmatic Bowie dance movies



David Bowie Appreciation Week is upon us.

No Comments 06 January 2015

David Bowie ft. Earl Slick killing it with this version of Stay live at the BBC Radio Theatre in 2000.

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