The Gibbler

The Midnight Gibbler: Epilogue

No Comments 17 October 2012

Midnight Gibbler – (Noun, verb, adverb and onomonopia)

To swipe, swindle, dupe, fool, con, violate, aggravate, nauseate, annoy and outright lie all in the name of perpetuating the night’s festivities, whatever they might be.

A Midnight Gibbler’s standard activities might include stealing beers, food, herb, swindling beds from apartments in which he/she is staying, causing disgust and eventual flight of unwanted persons and telling people you have money to share a cab home then jumping out of the cab and running just before you get there.

The Midnight Gibbler is not a creature of habit or routine. He is a social gentleman and never leaves a man behind. And if he does? Well they probably deserved it. The Gibbler’s chameleon-like qualities make him able to effectively adjust to any social situation/environment in order to adapt and have the best time possible.

The Gibbler

The Midnight Gibbler – A Project In Literature

No Comments 16 October 2012

Shade Enthusiasts,

We are about to kick off something we feel great about. Will it work out? Given the odds on how things play out in this world probably not. But who knows? People do things all the time. In a good way. And we’re people!

Stay tuned for The Midnight Gibbler. Its a project we’ve spread over a few different formats. We’ve done this because things can be enjoyed on different levels. And if someone doesn’t point that out to you every now and then sometimes we forget.

So we hope you like it.

The Shade

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