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Seeing You – Groundhog Day Musical

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Friday the 22nd – Watch a Strange Video Day

No Comments 22 August 2014

It is Friday the 22nd which if you have a Shade Calendar you would know is – Watch a Strange Video Day.

Well it just so happens we came across the perfect one.




No Comments 20 March 2012


Tender Vittles

No Comments 02 March 2012


The Joy of Books by Sean Ohlenkamp

No Comments 11 January 2012

After organizing their bookshelf almost a year ago as seen here –  (http://youtu.be/zhRT-PM7vpA), Sean Ohlenkamp, his wife, and a crew of volunteers decided to take it to the next level.

“We spent many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto (883 Queen Street West, (416) 366-8973).”

Everything you see here can be purchased at Type Books.

Music composed by Grayson Matthews (http://www.graysonmatthews.com/)

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Don Martin Artwork

No Comments 06 January 2012

Even though Don Martin didn’t take the DPD honors his artwork still warrants a mention on The Shade. One has to wonder how Martin didn’t take the honors. Mad Magazine was an amazing, grotesque, despicable and brilliant publication. I’m glad its making a comeback. Although I’m always left wondering why Mad TV was so lackluster? Anyways I hope you enjoy some of Don Martin’s work as much as we did.


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How long has it been since you’ve Made Love?

No Comments 15 December 2011

Clarence Carter – Strokin

Here is a music video that has it all.

Fly Girls
Hot Dance moves
Great words like “Sassified”
Navigational terminology



MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

No Comments 02 December 2011

The music video for MGMT’s All We Ever Wanted Was Everything has a neat infinitely layering style. The single is one of the newest contributions to the critically-acclaimed Late Night Tales series.

From the critically-acclaimed Late Night Tales series comes the music video for MGMT’s All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.  What really captured me was the use of layering.  Reminded me of Subterranean Homesick Blues in a way.

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Yoga Girl – by Fog and Smog

No Comments 29 November 2011


Fog & Smog is a collective of creative culture vultures from The SF Bay Area and Los Angeles.

We are comprised of directors, writers, producers, editors, composers, musicians, designers, deejays, and generally enthusiastic creative folks. All friends to start with, we’ve gotten together to share our collective energies and talents in the interest of making good work we enjoy… and to have fun.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it!


Happy Thanksgiving!

No Comments 24 November 2011

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