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Born into this – Charles Bukowski- Listen all the way through you Cunt

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Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month: Dennis Hopper on Art

No Comments 13 November 2012

Full Version of Feature about Artist and Actor Dennis Hopper discusses his passion for collecting modern art. Shot on location in his LA home. Directed and Produced by Kimberly M. Wang of Eardog Productions

Features, Artist of the Month

November Artist of the Month – Dennis Hopper

No Comments 04 November 2012

Beautiful People,

I’m happy to announce that our November Artist of the Month is Dennis Hopper. Over his illustrious film career he’s been nominated for several Academy Awards, several Palme d’Awards and starred as Deacon, the one-eyed nemesis of Kevin Costner in Waterworld. He’s an accomplished actor, filmmaker, photographer, sculptor and he has consistently demonstrated great choices about haircuts.

One of the things that impressed me most while perusing his dossier was that he was profiled in Better Home and Gardens as an up and coming photographer “to watch” in 1965.

One of my favorite excerpts from his wikipedia write up is as follows:

Hopper’s cocaine intake had reached three grams a day by this time period, complemented by an additional 30 beers, marijuana, and Cuba libres.

After staging a “suicide attempt” (really more of a daredevil act) in a coffin using 17 sticks of dynamite during an “art happening” at the Rice University Media Center (filmed by professor and documentary filmmaker Brian Huberman),and later disappearing into the Mexican desert during a particularly extravagant bender, Hopper entered a drug rehabilitation program in 1983.

Over the next month we’ll be showcasing the various talents of Mr. Hopper and if we can manage to adequately disparage Rip Torn in the process then so be it.

More to come,

The Shade Mgmt.

Features, Artist of the Month

Still More From The Shade’s AoM

No Comments 25 September 2012

Features, Artist of the Month

More From Our Artist Of The Month…

No Comments 15 September 2012

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month: Christopher Hitchens

No Comments 11 September 2012

Over 15 minutes our Artist of the Month Christopher Hitchens takes it to Religion in only a way he can and only a way in which we can hope others will listen to.



Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month Jean-Michel Basquiat

No Comments 10 July 2012

Here we see a clip of Basquiat during his time with Andy Warhol.  Filmed in 1986

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month – Jean-Michel Basquiat

No Comments 02 July 2012

One of a kind Jean-Michel Basquiat stormed onto the New York City art scene producing thousads of paintings and drawings. Over the course of July we will be serving up a healthy dose of Jean-Michael.  Come back and view his brilliant career.

In this video with paintings behind him you get a glimpse into his playful manner.

Untitled (Skull) 1984

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