Artists of the Month

We like art. Its a wonderful thing. Art appreciation can help you make friends, make enemies and certainly impress some girls along the way. All very important things to do in a life less ordinary. Just look what it did for Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

Believe it or not The Shade staff does leave the office from time to time to pursue our interests. And sometimes we find some cool stuff. That said we’d like to announce a new series coming to The Shade entitled Artist of the Month. Its a somewhat lackadaisical way for us to keep YOU informed on shit we’re into.

Throughout the month we’ll be highlighting different aspects of the artists for your intellectual and recreational amusement. You might pick some nuggets of information to drop in conversation or you might be compelled to throw up. Either way make sure to cite sources appropriately.

The Shade Mgmt.

Tom Waits

Dated 12-20-14

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