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Fun Detectors by T.W. Snicket

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Fun Police

Fun Detectors seem to be moving

closer and closer
shaping who I can be
I hear the beeps

I want to me
me who the fuck
I want to me

And then something horrible happens in our world
And we have to question

What can we give up
Who can we give into
to Make someone else feel safe

It is a fair question
But their cant be answers

No one is safe.

The moment you enter this world

You. Yes You.

[Before you read this next part
I want you to say these
words aloud
and do not move forward
until you can dance like
no one is watching
You say:
I am an Instrument
I am a Dream]

No surveillance is going to help
Welcome to the danger

Like a fingerprint at
a crime scene
Like a battery
Wondering its place

We Find out that we are all guilty

No More Hiding
No More Hiding
No More Hiding

the Search is over

We all Won the show

And we all lost


Here is your Prize


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