The Written Word

Chapter 8; Persistence & Consent

0 Comments 24 June 2015

Her beauty is what kept me coming back to this joint, bellying up to her bar and ordering the same shitty quesadilla just to interact and catch a glimpse of that sexy smile but I needed more.  After a steady 2 months of becoming a regular I happened to be there at the end of her shift.  She mentioned wanting to grab a drink before going home so I took advantage of the opportunity.  She hops in my car which is always stocked w/a cooler of beer and a bottle of goose during the summer days and forego the bar for a party in the Toyota.  The rate in which the spirits & key bumps were being consumed made the sexual tension between the two of us contain more anticipation than a waxing gibbous bursting into a full moon

It was at that point I knew it was time to shift phases. So I grabbed her roughly by the neck and initiated the loss of self control.

In a blurred moment our clothes were off, exposing her pierced nipples as well as the type of freak she is.  As I work my way down her body she starts to give in as her “no’s” become faint and few and far between.  And It’s at that moment I knew it was consensual.

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