Stair Climb 2015 Revealed

0 Comments 01 June 2015

Dear Coach Simoneau,

We here at The Shade wanted to congratulate you on your impressive victory at this year’s Stair Climb.  We’re upset that we couldn’t be in attendance this year as we had a table at the Finger Lakes Finger Nail Clip Off but we recognize talent in its existence and you’re second to one.  We understand, that by some miracle, you secured a better time than Shoeless but let’s face facts; he is no Howard Trotsky.  At least Shoeless wasn’t suspended this time around.  That’s the best everybody could hope for.  Ever since Shoeless discovered that the Newport Creamery is right next to Auntie Anne’s in the mall his training and ambitions have started taking a back seat.  Howard embodies the American spirit and is a born leader.  You have your work cut out for you if you’re attempting to surpass his legacy.

The prize package that we’ve compiled for you takes in the true essence of the occasion and the direction that we believe you’ve come from and that you are headed.  Remember T-shirts are only as successful as their tuck.  Make sure you tuck properly!

Nice job in the past and good luck in the future,

Reins Hagglemayer


Post Script- the Tony Siragusa pee pad is only slightly used as it was purchased on Craigslist and the office staff wanted to try it out.

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