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0 Comments 21 May 2015

That’s obviously a woodpecker in the distance
More closely, I have no idea what kinds of birds I’m listening to but they’re loud and they’re fond of today’s sunrise.
As I walk it is evident that black flies will accompany me on my travels
A constant battle of me versus them which was getting old, especially with the terrain involved.
As the summit approaches the slight wind to the east keeps the swarms away and allows for a peaceful beer.
The descent begins and the amount of hatched larvae this season starts rearing its ugly head.
Fuck these little fuckers.
The trail down was dry…and great because dry means fast.
The only downside was hoards of agitated flies
It wasn’t until I was driving home that I realized how many ¬†bugs had taken liberties with me.
With each scratch I’m reliving the glory of every step.
Give me as many bug filled miles as you can dream up and I’ll check them out.
Thank you

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