A Serious Case Of The Mondays

0 Comments 07 May 2015

I awoke and decided the best thing to do for breakfast was watch a Don Cheadle Monday Multiplex Movie Marathon featuring Hotel Rwanda, Swordfish and The Conjuring. Next in line was a trip to the beach after a late lunch at the much revered Oyster Bar. The patio construction turned out to be perfect background ambiance, the stuffie was terrific, the lobster roll (which was detected during my walkthrough of the dining room during the 25 minute wait to be seated) was fucking scrumptious, the oyster po’ boy the woman next to me ordered was pretty good too. She was a great sport about everything, it was a pleasure to buy her lunch. Torrie our little tease of a waitress bringing me a slice of new york cheesecake with chocolate and caramel after telling me they were all out…you dirty dog. I felt just the right amount of awful to have some waves crash into me a 1/4 mile down the road. As I enter the water I have to face facts – it’s the beginning of May, the water is really starting to heat up and pretty soon people will be returning. Beach season is almost over. The stunning realization has me scratching my head with another case of the Monday’s.

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