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Mr. Miserable: The Epidemic of Adult SIPPY Cups

0 Comments 22 April 2015

Dear Morons,

Am I the only one noticing the epidemic of adults using SIPPY cups? What the hell is going on here?

Everywhere I look I see nimrods sucking away on a on their goddam SIPPY cups like it was their mama’s teet. What’s wrong with you people? If you get thirsty swallow your spit. If you get REAL thirsty grab a beer.

Oh no, not any more. These days if one feels a spot of dryness coming on they flip up their plastic no-drip nipple and start sucking away.

For the adult SIPPY cup enthusiasts….help me out. I’m doing some market research. Which of the following applies to you:

  1. You think you look real cool and are saving the environment with your SIPPY cup
  2. You don’t give a shit
  3. You have no fucking clue and do what everyone else does

I might have a shred of respect for people that chose option 2. But still, why not just walk around with an industrial strength zip-lock bag of water and stick your stupid face in it when you want a drink? It might fit better in your fanny pack.

For option 1…whatever happened to Nalgene bottles? They serve the same purpose except you don’t look like a donkey when you extract the water.

As for the rest of you, grow up and smarten up.

Mr. Miserable.

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