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A Book Review: A Load of Hooey

0 Comments 25 November 2014

Dear Mr. Odenkirk,

I give your newest effort A Load of Hooey 8 ½ lytle snores out of 10. Maybe 9. It just didn’t work for me. I’m still not sure what you were going for. Was it an autobiography or an exercise manual? Either way, it wasn’t either. But as a fellow foot soldier let me first focus on the POSITIVES.

I very much enjoyed the pictures of cats. They are a favorite of mine as they seem to be for you. So, perhaps, we are kindred spirits of sorts?

I also liked the Winston Churchill misquotes. But do you know what I liked even better? When they were done FIRST in this quality publication years ago. Listen, I want to help a fellow hombre as much as the next guy but this is just TOO MUCH.

Moving on.

Oliver Ames is a distant relative so, as you can imagine, I’m into shoveling. All aspects of it really. Form, content, technique and proper shoveling etiquette. As such, I was particularly compelled by the photo on the back cover (which is where I started). You know how many references to shoveling followed? NONE! So you can see why I was left WANTING MORE. What gives?

Onto the exercise portion of the film book. With little in the way of instruction I’m still left with a blubbery midsection. And I’ve read the ABs section 3 times already. Be more constructive with your instruction?

I’d ask for my money back but I’m sure with this type of flop on your hands you’re not exactly ‘rolling in it’. At the very least an apology will do.

My best,



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