7am at Porter Square – by T.W. Snicket

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7am at Porter Square by T.W. Snicket

I met a T conductor today
He did not look well
He looked like me
Bagged eyes
Questionable head movements
He was out last night

We made eye contact and knew immediately
we suffered from the same affliction

I ask
Long night my friend
He replies
Too long but it sure was eventful
Where you heading?
Just starting my shift bud

Over the loud speaker we hear
Braintree train is now approaching
Time to back the grind he says
Excuse me
Sorry I meant back to the grind
I hear ya man but don’t stop having that fun.
Fucking Boston man. Great Women.
Oh ya

Where you heading I said again somehow forgetting that I just said these exact words seconds ago?
Back and forth back and forth

My hangover kicks in to full gear during these
minutes of now silent waiting
Back and Forth I think.

As the Red Line to Braintree pulled in
I watched him shake a conductors hand
and get situated in his chair.

I then heard over the loud speaker in a
voice all too familiar.
Next Stop Harvard


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