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The Final Straw or How My Day Started

0 Comments 05 August 2014

After a long ride where I didn’t feel like myself I left the train and came above ground. While there were hundreds of people about I was left staring at a girl that looked like a wet black garbage bag covered in mud. One of those hefty garbage bags. 40 gallons I think? Not that she was fat per se, it was more about her overbearing presence.

Then there was a guy in the coffee shop mucking up the freeway. What a moron. There’s an order to these things, you don’t just stand where you want. But he did, and sure enough he fucked everything up. Another roadblock to a successful start to the day.

Finally, upon leaving the coffee shop I saw two people holding hands. Happy as pigs in shit. It was disgusting. I can’t think of a more useless use of the hands. Or time for that matter.

All this with bowels that resisted the weight of the world. Not a Charlie Manson type day.


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