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A Review to Change Your Shorts by: Finding Forrester

0 Comments 30 July 2014

I just watched the end of Finding Forrester. It reaffirmed something that didn’t really need reaffirmation. It’s a great movie. Two people seemingly very unlikely to connect actually do connect and inspire each other in a way that neither of them expected.

It may not be the most original of plot lines but it’s executed perfectly. You can believe the emotions that run through every character in the film. Not like John Q. The premise is very emotionally driven but they way that it’s portrayed to the audience is extremely cheesy and ridiculous. Forrester, the character, delivered to his end and the movie delivered beyond Jamal’s finding out about it.

I have never cared much for a game of basketball but the message hits home hard. I played soccer growing up. If one of my good friends flashed a soccer ball in my face during a time of my mourning it would be the pressure release valve needed to get me beyond the moment of sadness and into a moment of clarity. If you’re not familiar with sport you either have a different way to handle your business or you go crazy.

I think crazy is mostly caused by not having the means to access your own release valve. I am fortunate enough to have the accessible means to all kinds of valves all over the place that make the impossible kind of do able while keeping me just to the left of crazy.

To all those who have shared in a beer, a sport, a park romp, a concert, a mountain, a lake, a river (who am I kidding-any body of water), a chin wag, a wardrobe malfunction, a grill session, a joint, a pizza,a bear, a musing, a sunset, a sunrise (the good kind or the bad kind), alliteration, a punch, a long drive, a nice view, a bare, an embrace, a smile or otherwise assisted in any of my (I mean our) endeavors keeping me on this side of the ledge I’d like to say,…… “Ah, what the fuck! I just farted and it did not go well.”

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