Wednesday Poem of the Week – Dilemmas in the face of my brain

0 Comments 04 June 2014

Dilemmas in the face of my brain

A chair makes a noise and you assume it’s a squeak

Not until we explore the depth of the noise can you find true relief

Is it a creek or a crik or a squawk not a squeak?

Get down on a knee and look underneath

I can see the noise as it takes hold of your teeth

Take a deep breath, plug your nose and close your eyes

There is a magic spray that will free you from these noisy chains

As you move around freely (with a grin) I try to explain

To get up and move for it will be a short while

Before the spray dries and you can truly smile

I walk away and you sit down

Now you’ve got shit on your pants

And want to know what I’ll do

Well, I’ll need to explore with scissors and glue

I fill your earholes with Elmer’s and cut off your legs

Now we both breathe that sigh of relief

As you wipe off your hands

I wipe off my feet

A tip of the hat for my job well done

As you wave me away to the setting sun

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