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American Slice # 10

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American Slice # 8

December 23


Wired Puppy Coffee Shop, Newbury St. Boston MA

Two old ladies having a cup of tea


So I only fell once.


yea but the mail man caught me

on the steps?

no no working here in town

I didn’t fall completely. Cynthia was there too but she figured she’d let a pedestrian help me.

Something about her back.

From the steps or were you in back of ‘em?

Yea, the steps.


The city needs a lot of work because of that head woman.

No wonder you’re tired.

Yea, she gave us a coffee because we were there for over an hour.

Well thats, thats……she’s trying her hardest. Nothing’s gonna happen she just wants to prepare for that.


She was saying, like, you’ve gotta little bit of alan in you which you’ve got to get rid of.

(laughing) whats a little bit of alan?

Well, I kind of offended her b/c I said…I said her family are immigrants, she’s the first born here. so…I….

How did you offend her?

Well today I kind of…I was talking about… I was role playing with her and…

Did you apologize? You didn’t hurt her feelings did you?

Oh no no no. she was trying to help me verbally talk to somebody for help and even myself I don’t ask for help with the right words. So that’s why she was role playing with me. And I explained how these words come out of me and she could understand afterwards. And she said there’s the right people to work with and the wrong people and you grew up with street people. The ones that used to hang around the corner. There’s the right talk and the street gang talk. I know more street gang talk because I hung around the corner. Versus public people so…. she was trying to teach me the difference and now I understand. Like she told you what to write…

With the doors?

Yea, with the doors and stuff like that. She figures sometimes its good to have knowledge but you have to realize sometimes you can’t have broad knowledge, you want to shorten the knowledge. You know, simple

Yea shorten the knowledge, simple.




You see lucas isn’t in the show anymore?

Doesn’t matter.

They need to have him.

No no, in soap land. my cousins friend, the writer, says in order to have a good soap line you need to have a triangle of, um, interference. He writes for General Hospital


Yea and some other soap. You gotta have the conflict, you gottta have the agony and you gotta have the heroism. he says once……once they go over the obstacle. Because EJ is going to eventually marry nicole so in order to have a triangle between the two you still need to have the two of them.



Its too bad we don’t walk like that every day

Well its not always possible


We’re not going to crate and barrel today

mmm no

We might just make the 3:05

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