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Have a solid day, an enjoyabale one, one that will make uou stop caring about com,mas, there proper place, and the people who can not use them.

Wear a hat because it is cold

because it makes your brain work faster

and speakign for the scientific community I can agree 100%

roses are red

violets are blue

I’m a schizophrenic

and so am I

I spelt schizophrenic write on the first try

Just put a hat on


T.W. Snicket

Don’t have a Shade Calendar email us at our text message phone systems and we will send one to you.

$10 to $20 bucks depending on Staples current stock and if Larry is binding he hooks it up.




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1 comment

  1. Norman Orlando says:

    I think that shirt is too big for him. Who’s with me?

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