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Dead person of the day – January 2 – Ian McKeever

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After the NOR staff took a well earned, end-of-year vacation we’re back. It’s true. We feel rejuvenated. Those jerks down the hall at The Shade gave us a bigger office, less oversight and even replenished the K-Cup tree.

Needless to say we’re all excited. But enough about us, lets talk about dead people.

Ian McKeever. A real go-getter and a personal favorite of that nice young man Reins.

An Irish international, moutaineer and devoted member to the human race. In 2004, McKeever set the Five Peaks Challenge world record, climbing and descending all five peaks in 16 hours 16 minutes. He climbed the 26 peaks of the island of Ireland in 98 hours in 2006. McKeever broke the world record for the Seven Summits Challenge in 2007, climbing the highest summit on each of the seven continents in 155 days, 32 less than the previous record

At the very least he should have gotten a trophy with a cool guy on it.

He had one hell of an ending. It makes me wonder what would have happened to those humans building the Tower of Babylon had they reached the heavens and not been scattered by the wrath of God.

Cheers to you Ian.

Adventurer Ian McKeever is killed by lightning on Kilimanjaro

RECORD-breaking mountain climber and adventurer Ian McKeever was tragically killed on Africa’s highest mountain after being struck by lightning. Continue

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