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Mr. Miserable is sick of Arcade Fire and Other things

0 Comments 07 November 2013

Enough is a goddam-nuff,

Am I the only one that’s sick and tired of hearing about Pearl Jam & Arcade Fire? If I am, the rest of you should kill yourselves. If i’m not, good for you. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders.. I’m going to break this missive up in 2 discreet sections:

Dear Eddie,

Give it up. You bring little innovation to the table now. Irrelevancy is approaching faster than the risk of prostate cancer and you’re music is no longer that good. I heard a ‘single’ during the ‘outro’ of the World Series. Joe Buck was a big fan. Nice job. Really impressed. The Rolling Stones you are not. Fade away, be gracious. Don’t be an asshole.

Dear Arcade Fire,

You really bother me. You got away with one. No one gave a shit about you and, shockingly, the ‘challenged’ folks at the Grammys gave you a Best Album nod. You’re predictable, mundane and not in any way, shape or form creative or interesting. I found you out. I listened with an ear that wasn’t wearing a goddam hipster hat grasping for the next coolest thing. I enjoy benchmarks like Black Sabbath and Radiohead. I yawned and wished you wouldn’t take yourselves that seriously. Maybe get a haircut. God forbid you do something badass…being a rock band and all. Indie rock is not a genre it’s a curtain to hide behind.

You’re a product of an over-stimulated blogging community with no real sense of quality struggling to find a band to define who they are.

I sincerely hope you fail because if you succeed you’ll set our youth back decades.

If anyone reading this is interested in good, new music you’ll be well served checking out Pete Dougherty’s new album.

I hope the end is soon.

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