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Mr. Miserable Takes On Rolling Stone

0 Comments 25 July 2013

Terrorists being on the cover of a soon-to-be obsolete form of reading material? This is what we’re worried about? Who the hell cares about Rolling Stone anyway? Ever since the Good Doctor HST left each issue has been a steaming pile of cow dung each one worse than the last as far as I’m concerned. Matt Taibbi has done some good work however.

Rolling Stone lost credibility way back when they put Maroon 5 on their cover. Why was there no outcry when people were perceiving them as rock stars? Those two bit ninnies couldn’t hold the match to Ozzy’s butthole so he could fart in their collective faces.

Obsolescence is why they did it. So you people would remember the magazine still exists. I”m disgusted with myself for even crawling out from under my rock to have to write this. It’s a feeble grasp at safety and relevance. Think of an old man clutching for the handicap rail as he tries to lower himself to the toilet in a public restroom. His thighs are too weak, his hands will slide down the bar and eventually let go and both the old man and Rolling Stone will end up in the same place – in a shit speckled toilet surrounded by questionable solicitations.

And good for you CVS, Stop & Shop and whatever other corporate American suck-ass company decided to pull it from their shelves before the street date even arrives.  Truth is this is a classic story of heroes vs. villains where the good guys came out on top. Besides how many times did the joker appear on the cover of a batman comic?

Happy Sailings You Jerks,

Mr. Miserable

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