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Linkshänder: or How the Internet turned the world into Molly-dukers

0 Comments 10 July 2013

Left handers everywhere must love the Internet.

For millennia
left-handedness meant
the devil lived inside you.

But when the Nineties rolled around
and desktop computers
controlled by the roll of right handed mice
opened the devilish door
of instant Internet access
to anyone with a telephone line
there was born
a collection of porn where
every fetish
every desire
every sick, twisted, depravity
had a home.

Think about the dirty cup

Then think about the dirty
bastard masturbating to it.

He wasn’t doing it right handed
that was used to navigate
to pause
to play
to maximize
to minimize

as his grandmother walked into the room.

It was the left hand doing
the work of the devil
or god
while technology
made a world of molly-dukers.

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