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The Shade’s Top 10 British Terms

0 Comments 17 May 2013


A few things happened here at The Shade office over the past month that really inspired this Top 10. First, we realized that our summer reading list was woefully lacking (er, non-existent) so we decided to assign Anthony Burgess’ classic A Clockwork Orange to help kickstart a love of literature. Second, for our Tuesday Night Movie Mayhem Extravaganza the staff watched the cult classic Trainspotting. The two combined made 3 things happen:

  • It gave us an uncontrollable urge to ingest drugs….of any kind really.
  • Made us realized the brits are really talented at putting each other down – which we commend.
  • While they say the brits speak english…we were struggling for comprehension at every third word.

So we dove in and did some research and came up with our Top 10 List of British Terms.

10. Fag – used to refer to a cigarette, not a homosexual.  If a Brit asks if he can “bum a fag”, don’t be offended, this is not a question about said Brit’s sexual preferences.

9. Pants – used to refer to underwear, not pants.  Also used to refer to something that is stupid, as in “well that’s just pants”.

8. Skint – slang for being broke.  “Can’t go for a pint now mate, I’m bloody skint.”

7. Slag – used to refer to a woman of loose morals, or hooker.  However, can be taken to the next level by “slagging someone off”, which means speaking ill of a person.

6. Pissed – used to refer to being really really drunk, not angry.  Combined with slag you get; “I was totally pissed last night, and snogged that slag Allison.”

5. All fur coat and no trousers – someone who is superficial, with no real substance beneath.

4. Irish – something broken or ill thought out, as in:  “Don’t use the toaster this morning, it’s gone all Irish.”

3. Air biscuit – An expulsion of air from the anus, a fart.

2. Badly packed kebab –  The female genitals. The creativity behind this imagery deserves some type of award.

1. Bat on a sticky wicket  – To put oneself in a difficult and unfavorable position.

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