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Wednesday Poem – An M. Henault Original!

0 Comments 01 May 2013

she’s been eye-deep in her own hell.
i can tell.
she doesn’t come out much
and now she comes limping through a dog-stained lawn
stained by piss,
stained by shit,
stained by an “I don’t give a fuck about your electric bill,”
tail wagging,
just throw me a bone attitude.

but there is no bone
and it’s getting dark outside
but there will be no sucking marrow by candlelight.
the candles have all about burnt out

I would save the dog if I could,
but her limp makes me vulgar
makes her vulnerable
and I am a vulture tonight feeding on her darkness.

all I want to do is park my car in her garage and masturbate
until her boyfriend comes home
and he hasn’t been around for days
so I might be a while.
please don’t let my dinner get cold.

all I ask is when the news reports come out
explaining what I’ve done
the anchor pronounces garage like elton john
might have if he waited until ‘74
to record his tribute to Levon Helms.
only then might all of this have made sense.

and she would be worried less about her limp
and her electricity getting switch keyed
and the dog might get fed decently for once in his life
because the streets would be safer
at least as far as democracy was concerned

I guess that would make me happy
like I was walking along the spirals of this seashell
I found years ago along the Carolina shore.
I stare at it now and again
and now I’m small and dizzy
wandering lost in pink cream
smoke rings getting lighter as I rise

my teacher told me: never forget blood was spilled
so you can sit in that chair.

I bit my tongue to taste the salt and iron
and jumped back from my daydream
looked at pretty girls reflecting sunshine
from their skin like radiators pumped full of wontedness
I let my dick wag a little beneath the hem
of my swimsuit.
it never fits quite right anyway

and here she comes
limping again across the yard in a new direction,
back to her hell.

but this time I’m eye-deep in it too.

if she only realized she didn’t need to be alone
maybe the dog would get to go for a walk

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