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Dead Person of the Day – April 23 – James Critchfield

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James Critchfield is an American anomaly. Well decorated from noble service during WWII he was the architect of one of the most bone-headed moves in post war reconstruction as well as ruthlessly exploiting his knowledge of middle eastern energy inside circles for private gain in his later life. Let’s start from the top eh?

Because of his bravery and quick wit he was promoted quickly during WWI and was one of the youngest colonels, leading the 2nd Battalion of 141st Infantry of the 36th Infantry Division. He won the Bronze Star twice, and the Silver Star for gallantry in resisting a German assault on December 12, 1944. Then, things got a little hairy.

In the chaos of post war Germany he was picked by the CIA to collaborate with Hitler’s suddenly unemployed spies in a project to boost America’s espionage against the Soviet bloc. The people Critchfield hired were ex SS or Gestapo lunatics that had been spying on the Soviets for the better part of 2 decades so he figured they’d be a good source of info. So, Critchfield worked out a deal where Washington was funding a rogue organization of Nazis empowering them to continue their spy operation against Russia (virtually unsupervised) after they had been captured. Some would describe that as somewhat of a black-eye on American foreign policy.

What’s worse is his shady dealings with middle eastern energy cliques which he parlayed into a private consultancy after his service for the good ole U.S. of A. But I’ll leave that for the obit to handle.

Pull up your tube socks and grab an obit!

James Critchfield

A CIA agent, he worked with Hitler’s former spies in a disastrous project to undermine the Soviet bloc. Read the obit


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