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Dead Person of the Day – March 12 – Morton Downey Jr.

0 Comments 12 March 2013


What a week eh? Daylight savings, spring time just around the corner. It seems like the perfect time to focus on vitriolic xenophobic rage. Which brings us to today’s DPD – Morton Downey Jr.

A precursor to the more well known acts like Glenn Beck, Jerry Springer and Rush Limbaugh, Downey Jr. was a harbinger for bringing America up close and personal with….well….itself.

His TV rose to prominence during the mid-late 80s when there was a whole bunch of odd crap happening in America. The white middle class was getting cramped and uncomfortable. Downey Jr. provided a great outlet to vent frustration. The cool thing about him was that he was unbiased on who we reigned his fury down upon. The man had a mouth like an interstate.

Do yourself a favor and search some of his clip – the stuff with Ron Paul and Al Sharpton is particularly interesting.

Morton Downey Jr.; Made Bullying a TV Trademark

Morton Downey Jr., whose career as an entertainer crystallized in the 1980s when he became the bombastic host of a confrontational cable TV talk show, has died.

Downey died of lung cancer and other respiratory problems at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, his family announced Monday night. He was 67. Continue

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