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Fuck Flowers (vote yes for monster trucks)

0 Comments 04 March 2013

I blue, I purple
I orange, I yellow
I lay in this field surrounded by colors
Use the edge of my loincloth to wipe the sweat from my brow
A tingling sensation greets the tip of my nose
The pollen has activated my allergies
If only all flowers were female
Furious I rip them from the earth
The bees huddled nearby look agitated
They start to chase
I climb the nearest tree
They remain in hot pursuit
Turns out these bees are experienced climbers
Hurl myself off a branch into the pond
Just graze the bottom
Swim underwater as far as my lungs allow
I re-emerge slowly
The buzzing has stopped
I’ve lost them for now
I take a mental note of their coordinates
Locate the trail
And begin plotting my revenge

Reins Hagglemayer

- who has written 512 posts on The Shade.

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