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Dead Person of the Day – February 27 – J.T. Walsh

0 Comments 27 February 2013

Wow Folks,

Today’s DPD is the quintessential diamond in the rough. None other than J.T. Walsh. Famous film critic Leonard Maltin described Walsh as being particularly adept at playing “”quietly sinister white-collar sleazeballs”. Playboy went on to describe him as “everybody’s favorite scumbag”. Its true what they say – its an honor just to be nominated (particularly in that context).

His cool, calculating style of escalating insanity landed him roles as a con artist, a college-basketball fixer, a white supremacist cop, a porn magnate, a small-town sheriff who tries to have his wife killed–and as Watergate conspirator John Ehrlichman (who as we all know was a real turd).

Go ahead just look at the list of films he’s been in.

In the 1987 film “Good Morning, Vietnam,” Walsh was the intolerant, humorless Sgt. Major Dickerson to military disc jockey Robin Williams. Boy did he ever have a stick up his ass in that role eh? Acting!

In his last feature film, “Breakdown,” he played seemingly harmless truck driver Red Barr, who engineers the kidnapping of Kurt Russell’s wife.

A veteran of 41 films Jack Nicholson himself dedicated his Oscar for “As Good As It Gets” to Wash after working with him on “Hoffa” and “A Few Good Men”.

Perhaps his most impressive (yet most unknown) quality include graduating from the University of Rhode Island.

Slide over and make room for this obit on that bench. Ya heard!

J.T. Walsh; Actor Excelled in Malevolent Roles


J.T. Walsh, a former encyclopedia salesman whose stone face, penetrating gaze and flat voice made him one of America’s most menacing character actors, died Friday of a heart attack while vacationing near San Diego. He was 54. Continue


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