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Dead Person of the Day – February 21 – Antonio Díaz-Miguel

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We’re going international with today’s DPD – but any hoops fans out there may already be familiar.

Antonio Diaz-Miguel was a pioneer in the promotion of worldwide basketball. Coach of the Spanish National team from 1965 to 1992, Antonio Diaz-Miguel’s players were always well-prepared, fundamentally sound, and displayed exceptional sportsmanship…not to mention haircuts.

In more than 300 games, Diaz-Miguel led the Spanish National team to six Olympiads, including a silver medal in the 1984 games in Los Angeles. Diaz-Miguel’s teams participated in fourteen European Championships and four World Championships, and his best finishes were two silver medals (1973, 1983) and one bronze medal (1991) in the European Championships. Coaching the European All-Star team six times, Diaz-Miguel was named the Best Spanish Coach of the 1980s. A winner of numerous coaching awards, Diaz-Miguel frequently lectured on basketball around the world.

More importantly Diaz-Miguel was instrumental in making basketball a worldwide game. For a sport to truly matter in a country there has to be a vested interest. Either a player that’s worth a shit or a national team that competes well at international tournaments. Fortunately basketball has attained that status. In fact it may be the most international sport next to soccer. Diaz-Miguel was a huge part of this. Studying the game – helping young Spaniards and eventually Europeans. Say what you will about the internationalization about American sports but good competition always raises the level of play.


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