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Dead Person of the Day – February 8 – Ian Stevenson

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We have somewhat of a transcendentalist for the subject of today’s DPD.

Dr. Ian Stevenson.

Dr. Stevenson was internationally famous for his research into what he sometimes called “survival of personality after death,” popularly referred to as reincarnation. In his view, reincarnation, along with heredity and environment, offered a possible explanation for a range of personality traits, includingphobias, chronic diarrhea, unusual abilities and gender dysphoria.

Stevenson was the head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at UVA.

For decades he traveled the world recording cases of children who claimed to recall lives as other people in other places – stories he then sought to verify.

In one case a newborn girl in Sri Lanka screamed whenever she was carried near a bus or a bath. When she was old enough to talk she recounted to Stevenson a previous life as a girl of 8 or 9 who drowned after a bus knocked her into a flooded rice paddy; later investigation found the family of just such a dead girl living four or five kilometers away. The two families, Dr. Stevenson said, were believed to have had no contact.

Obits on a snow day….

Ian Stevenson Dies at 88; Studied Claims of Past Lives

Published: February 18, 2007

Ian Stevenson, an academic psychiatrist who 45 years ago abandoned Freud as too unscientific and turned to the paranormal as a tool with which to plumb the human psyche, died on Feb. 8 in Charlottesville, Va. He was 88 and had lived in Charlottesville for many years. Continue

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