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M. Henault Remembers Richard Brautigan

0 Comments 31 January 2013

I remember reading Trout Fishing in America for the first time.  I was doing a lot of hiking at the time and really felt like I was getting somewhere.  Inspired, I walked to a small fishing hole.  I used to hang out there as a boy, but I had never fished there.   I used to try to get girls to jump off the rocks naked, which they never did.  Anyway, I hiked to the bend in the river shortly after reading Brautigan for the first time.  I said, “Fuck you,” quietly to the water and walked home thinking about how I would create my own Kool-Aid reality. And I never stopped.
I dedicate these poems to all of the girls who wouldn’t jump in the river, especially the one I saw buying cover-up at our local pharmacy last week.
She tries to get things out of men
that she can’t because she’s not
      15% prettier.
“Mating Saliva”
A girl in a green mini-
skirt, not very pretty, walks
       down the street.
A businessman stops, turns
to stare at her ass
that looks like a moldy
There are now 200,000,000 people
       in America.

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