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Dead Person of the Day – January 17 – Gregory Corso

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It’s days like today that make me happy to be in charge of the DPD initiative of the National Obituary Review. Shame on me for not knowing the works of Gregory Corso. But I know now, and if you aren’t familiar this is your chance.

Today’s DPD….Gregory Corso.

The Beat movement’s ivory pebble.

By the time he reached his teens, he had been in the children’s observation ward at Bellevue hospital and spent five months in the Tombs jail as a material witness to a robbery. At 16, he began a three-year sentence at Clinton state prison, New York, for robbing a household finance office. There, whilst in incarceration he was introduced to poetry

Corso’s introduction to the other beats (including Richard Brautigan) came through Allen Ginsberg, whom he met in a New York bar in 1950. Corso told his new friend that, from his window, he was in the habit of watching a couple in the flat opposite as they undressed, bathed and made love. Later, when Ginsberg invited him to meet his girlfriend, Corso realised that this was the couple he had been watching. How awkward!

Please, become familiar with Gregory Corso. Read his novel The American Express.

There you go. There’s your obit for Thursday. Cross one more thing off your list.

Gregory Corso

His bold poetic voice embraced the irreverence of the beat generation with a love of English romanticism and Greek classics. Read the obit

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