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Dead Person of the Day – January 3 – Gatewood Galbraith

0 Comments 03 January 2013

Happy 2013 Folks,

We here at the NOR are just as indifferent as you heading into the new year. Time keeps passing by and we keep getting out of bed. Until we don’t…at which point we know a great obit guy for you!

Anywho…lets get into our first DPD for 2013 eh?

Gatewood Galbraith. One of Kentucky’s best-known political figures, Galbraith used humor on the campaign trail while railing against partisan bickering, government spending and advocating pot legalization and hemp farming in Kentucky. He also was rarely seen without a straw-colored hat and a jean jacket. What style!

Sadly, because of Galbraith’s stance on herb much of the rest of his platform was lost in the fray. He also wanted to end mountaintop removal, a surface mining practice that uses blasting and earth movers to reach coal.

Galbraith discovered marijuana’s medicinal uses when it was recommended he try it to help with his asthma. “He never had another asthma attack after that,” his old friend Ethel said. “That’s what caused his pot advocacy.”

If you have the time I highly recommend giving the associated video a listen. Galbraith’s lays out some pretty interesting points including how Ronald Reagan is a big jerk and – specifically – why nylon is legal while smoking weed isn’t (in most places).

After I watched it I felt better about myself and maybe you will too?

Anywho, gobble up your first obit of the new year and shut the hell up.

Gatewood Galbraith Dies At 64

(AP) – Gatewood Galbraith, a lawyer and five-time candidate for Kentucky governor known as an advocate for limited government and legalizing marijuana, has died, officials said Wednesday. He was 64. Continue

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