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Dead Person of the Day – December 4 – Little Beaver – aka Lionel Giroux

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Today’s DPDs pays homage to one of the greatest midget wrestlers of all time.

Little Beaver – aka Lionel Giroux.

For those of us that saw him perform you can only say his movement in the ring was enigmatic. I was sitting in the 5th row in Paris at the 1978 Grand Prix du Dephonique and saw the Little Beaver perform feats of strength I didn’t think possible for someone under 4 feet tall. But he did and took home the first ever title of international midget wrestling champion. It was a glorious day for Giroux. He performed like champion and was rewarded accordingly. The day was victorious for me as well. Giroux was my guy. I had been watching him in basements of Quebec since I was knee high drinking Cokes with a straw. I suffered through the 1961 brawl with Sacre Bleu where Giroux almost found himself in an early grave with that rat fink Bleu. But midget wrestling was all guts back then and no glory. But in 1978, Giroux took the belt….and we all rejoiced.

I never forgave King Kong Bundy for what he did to Giroux at the  Silverdome in 1987. Giroux was an ailing man then and Bundy saw an easy way to get his name in the paper. To this day I vow to drive a set of tweezers right up his nose if I ever run into him again.

Here’s to you Lionel. The Little Beaver. We had some great times together.

Lionel Giroux (1935 – December 4, 1995)

One of the greatest midget wrestlers of all time, Little Beaver was an amazing athlete and a comic genius. Wrestling for more than four decades, Little Beaver brought joy to children and adults around the world (and more than a little pain to referees who might be in the way). Continue

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