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Mr. Miserable’s Friday Blast Off

0 Comments 01 December 2012

So. Its the holiday season and everyone’s happy. Big friggin deal.

Whoever started stretching black friday into black friweek? I’d like to meet him just to shove a piece of my sour apple pie in his mug. No one wants to buy your crap. Not Friday, not Saturday, not ever. And if you do want to buy crap send me your address I’ll give you some for free.

Which brings me to my next point: I don’t care for tight jeans on men and you shouldn’t either. They make women feel self conscious when they are able to wear smaller sizes. Not to mention it is always disconcerting to find a bulge in front or lack thereof. It just leads to too many questions I don’t want answered. Just buy Wranglers – I hear their crotches are sewed with a U shape in mind and not a V.

Lastly, what in the good goddam is going on with this thing called gangnam style? When I first heard about it I thought it had to do with gang violence. No joke. When I finally get around to looking into it, it turns out its all about this guy jumping around like a Shanghai rooster in heat.  If gangnam is a style of Korean lavish life, I want no part in visiting Korea. Being able to mimic a dance move is only cool if it came from Michael Jackson or Christopher Walken first. I just don’t get it anymore I guess. Its very likely I never did.

And another thing: whoever owns the baby down the street would you please do something about that? The filthy creature cries from 5:45 am to 7:15, conveniently correlated with my most precious sleeping hours. I would rather never wake up than to be woken up by things that aren’t directly meant for waking me up.

Was anyone surprised that Sean “Diddy” Combs’ fashion line was manufactured in Bangladesh?

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