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Dead Person of the Day – November 27 – Irvin Kirshner

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We have somewhat of a diamond in the rough for today’s DPD.

Irvin Kershner directed films and television for over 40 years. Over his illustrious career he was responsible for such gems as Robocop 2 and Jonathan Brandis’ tour de force – Seaquest DSV yet – shockingly – he’s best known for directing the mildly entertaining “The Empire Strikes Back”. I’m telling you….you can’t make this stuff up.

He had directed a number of low budget, yet critically acclaimed, films before Lucas approached him about Empire. In fact, Kirshner had been teaching film studies at USC and had both Lucas and Coppola as pupils.

On Kirshner’s selection as direct Lucas said:

“I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to direct the second movie myself. I needed someone I could trust, someone I really admired and whose work had maturity and humor. That was Kersh all over. I didn’t want ‘Empire’ to turn into just another sequel, another episode in a series of space adventures. I was trying to build something, and I knew Kersh was the guy to help me do it.”

One can only thank the wheels of fortuna that the success of Empire opened up previously unopened doors and allowed him the chance at Robocop 2.

Now, squish over some of that regurgitated turkey and make room for an obit.

Irvin Kershner dies at 87; film director

By Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times
November 30, 2010

Irvin Kershner, a versatile movie director best known for “The Empire Strikes Back,” the acclaimed 1980 sequel to George Lucas‘ blockbuster “ Star Wars,” has died. He was 87. Continue

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