Mr. Miserable’s Friday Blast Off

0 Comments 16 November 2012

I’ve had just about enough of bad breath. What is it with you people? Its everywhere. Work, home, 7-11, grocery store. Everywhere. Thank god for the internet. For once. Its the only place for respite against this problem.

This isn’t hard people. Just brush your teeth, drink water, floss occasionally and – god forbid – buy a pack of gum for $1.39. We claim to be in a new era of human civilization where we all walk around with the world in the palm of our hand eh? We’re all connected 24/7. Well, what the hell good is that if it smells like WWIII in our mouth. No thanks.

Maybe its just me but body odor isn’t close to as bad. Body odor I understand. But this halitosis epidemic is something altogether different. I’ve smelled stenches coming out of people’s mouths that could shellac a stucco house.

And if you think this issue is confined to men, think again. Women are just as bad if not worse. Depressing I know.

People, we’re doing great things as a country and as a species. We’ve isolated the so-called ‘god particle’, we’re working towards an affordable health care system for all here in the U.S. and we’re just getting comfortable with guys (and gals) kissing each other. In short, we’ve come a long way…the least you could do is suck on a breath mint.

Clean up your act,
Mr. Miserable.

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