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Double Dip DPD

0 Comments 08 November 2012


As is customary on every November 8th we offer our readers a double dip DPD. This year’s installment focuses on America. More specifically capturing the romantic view of the Americana sentiments of the mid 20th century.

Exhibit A – Norman Rockwell. A hallmark on the front page of the Saturday Evening Post for over 2 decades Rockwell developed a nostalgia for America that has stood the test of time. He also tackled controversial issues including but not limited to civil rights in the mid 1960s (As with The Problem We All Live With). You can read an obit of his here.

Exhibit B – Bil Keane. Keane wrote the Family Circus cartoons for over 4 decades and, at his height, was syndicated in over 1500 newspapers worldwide. Similar to Rockwell, he drew on a romantic view of what people thought they missed about the past. He was also never crass. And Family Circus comics were some funny shit. You read his obit here.

Double dipping is good in this case.



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