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Dead Person of the Day – Joe Frazier

0 Comments 07 November 2012


Coming on the tails of a truly American event yesterday we have one hell of an American as today’s DPD.

The undisputed, former heavyweight champ – Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

Sure, history books will say Ali was the best of all time. And who can argue? But every ‘great’ always has rival that pushes them. Keeps them looking over their shoulder. Frazier was that for Ali.

Frazier won gold at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. He went on to win the heavyweight title four times from 1970 to ‘73 ( beating Ali once in the process).

Leave this obit under your pillow and the Raker will come and leave you a fresh pile of leaves.

P.S. How bout that video eh? Bill Cosby, Jack Benny and Joe Frazier all on one show. Man, things like that don’t happen much anymore. Now we get Snooki, Andy Dick and Carson Daly.

Joe Frazier, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champ, Dies at 67
By Sean Gregory

Joe Frazier, the former heavyweight boxing champ who died of liver cancer on Nov. 7 at 67, won’t go down in history as the greatest fighter of all time. Muhammad Ali, the man with whom Frazier sparred so epically, both inside and outside the ropes, owns that distinction. Frazier’s role in his rival’s outsize life will always define his own legacy: it’s impossible to mention “Smokin’ Joe” without summoning Ali a few seconds later. Continue

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