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Dead Person of the Day Emeritus – Vincent Price

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With All Hallow’s just around the corner I just had to do this. And yes, I know we had Vince as a DPD last year and all of you who sent emails pointing this out to me can suck an egg.

Actor, art connoisseur, Master of the Ghoulish, terrifying voice of Thriller and Commander of amazing haircuts – Vincent Price!

The flamboyant 6-foot-4-inch actor helped start a major revival of science-fiction films in 1953 with his portrayal of a cruelly scarred sculptor in “The House of Wax.” He went on to appear in dozens of Roger Corman’s adaptations of stories by Edgar Allan Poe, including “Pit and the Pendulum” and “Masque of the Red Death.”

Mr. Price appeared in scores of movies, more than 2,000 television shows and occasionally on stage. He was the star of Tim Burton’s early film Vincent which was loosely based on his life. Of course, in 1982 he canonized himself in Halloween lore by performing the rousing monologue in MJ’s thriller.

In a 1972 interview with Grab Your Throat  Magazine, Price described his perspective in horror films this way – “In a world where slaughter and vicious crimes are daily occurrences, a good ghoulish movie is comic relief.”

He went on to include “Even you really want to know the scariest thing I’ve ever seen I’d have to say Ethel Merman being told the kitchen is closed at Delmonico’s”. Hey-o!

Mr. Price was also a noted art connoisseur and collector. He lectured on art at colleges and clubs, tied for a top prize for his art expertise on “The $64,000 Challenge” television quiz show in 1956 and for years was a syndicated newspaper columnist on art. He was the art-buying consultant of Sears, Roebuck & Company, and he wrote several popular books on fine art.

Now, pull up a chair, grab a gyro and put some Obit on top!

Vincent Price, a Suave but Menacing Film Presence, Is Dead at 82
Published: October 26, 1993

Vincent Price, the suavely menacing star of countless low-budget but often stylish Gothic horror films, died at his home in Los Angeles yesterday. He was 82 years old and died of lung cancer, a personal assistant, Reggie Williams, told the Associated Press. Continue

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