The Gibbler

The Midnight Gibbler: Epilogue

0 Comments 17 October 2012

Midnight Gibbler – (Noun, verb, adverb and onomonopia)

To swipe, swindle, dupe, fool, con, violate, aggravate, nauseate, annoy and outright lie all in the name of perpetuating the night’s festivities, whatever they might be.

A Midnight Gibbler’s standard activities might include stealing beers, food, herb, swindling beds from apartments in which he/she is staying, causing disgust and eventual flight of unwanted persons and telling people you have money to share a cab home then jumping out of the cab and running just before you get there.

The Midnight Gibbler is not a creature of habit or routine. He is a social gentleman and never leaves a man behind. And if he does? Well they probably deserved it. The Gibbler’s chameleon-like qualities make him able to effectively adjust to any social situation/environment in order to adapt and have the best time possible.

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