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The NOR Went Abroad And Learned Stuff

0 Comments 10 October 2012


Its good to be home. After a brutal 24  hour long transit home touching down on American soil never felt so sweet. You’ve never longed for Americana until you’ve spent a 7 hour train ride from Prague to Vienna trying to sleep yet inhaling a diseased Hungarian woman’s exhales while you search (in vain) for dreamland.

But we power on.

While abroad I’ve gained a new perspective on how other cultures view remembrance, picked up a few good torture techniques and used a bidet. Traveling through the old country, leaning on a tower from the 5th century helps one understand the frailty of the present. But a conscious eye on the past solidifies the reverence for legacy. So, while we all must move on we all have a story to tell. Some better than others.

I also learned that a great way to kill somebody is to put the in a barrel with nails facing in and rolling them down a hill. Stick that in your back pocket for future reference.

I promise you readers that my sojourn will only benefit you – the lifeblood of the NOR.




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